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Virtual 3D for Real Estate & Business: Creating a Wow Factor!

Technology continues to progress, and the real estate and business worlds are no different. With the many technology enabled disruptions, including online listings and services, one thing simply doesn’t change: A home or commercial property is unique, in a single location. How can this unique property be accurately experienced without physically being there to see it and walk through it?

Think of the process of buying a new smartphone online. There are usually photos shown from different angles, but no context to help you visualize holding it in your hand, or views from angles the photographer didn’t create for you. Compare this to going into your favorite local store and picking up the phone in your hand.

When selling a home, the property is photographed, usually by a skilled professional photographer. These photos are high quality, but don’t include the necessary depth, detail, and context most of us need to visualize what it’s really like to be there and walk through the home. Moreover, since these photos are frequently shot with a wide-angle lens, these photos may give the impression of rooms much larger than they really are, possibly leading to some disappointment when visiting the actual home.

If you own a retail business, do you want to draw customers into your physical location? Get them curious? As with selling a home, photos alone on a website are flat, with no context for people to connect to.

Matterport 3D “Virtual Spaces” help to create this missing context, and more. Start with a “Dollhouse” view,¬†twirl it around, view from any angle, and then jump inside and walk around like you’re really there. Take a look at the Meridian home below.

Go ahead! Explore the home, then walk into the pantry and take see what’s on the shelves:

Aspen Home in Meridian – click or touch image to interact

Meridian Home

The first thing you’ll probably say is “Wow!” If you are watching someone else experience this for the first time, you’ll see them smile and say the exclamation appropriate for their generation (“Cool!” in my case!).

If your retail business has unique attributes, you can draw people in to virtually explore, and draw them into the real thing! Here’s a local church and school, CityHope Boise, that you can explore. Walk into the entry, the meeting space, classrooms, offices, climb the stairs, and walk up to the coffee bar:

CityHope Boise – Click or touch image to interact

CityHope Boise

If you are considering selling your home, a 3D/360 tour can set your home apart, and:

  • Create the context for potential buyers
  • Associate your home with “Wow!”
  • Reduce showings by buyers who aren’t interested once they go inside
  • Increase showings with buyers who are serious, and validating what they have already seen and liked when they walked through online

If you have a retail business, a 3D/360 tour can set your business apart, and:

  • Associate your business with forward thinking, advanced, and “Wow!”
  • Draw customers in, get them curious
  • Enable customers to really see and explore what you have to offer

Wow! Curious?

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